Friday, December 26, 2008

Ward Christmas party

This year's ward Christmas party was on the day of the HUGE snowstorm last Friday! It took me OVER an hour to get home that day (7mi) , at 3 in the afternoon no less, what a DRAG. So needless to say; a 6pm start time ended up being a bad idea, it didn't start until 7. I had the TREMENDOUS pleasure of singing two duet's with Sister Ross, we have very good simpatico, our voices are; quite frankly, lovely together! I LOVE singing, and miss it terribly, so I was more than happy to agree to the duet's.

The primary children sang a few song's too, and Ethan is almost in Primary and was allowed to participate (a definite benefit of being in the Primary presidency) Ethan was also allowed to give the final "part" in the Primary program this year, even though he'd NEVER practiced! 

Poor thing, he cried in the audience until we fit him in!!

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