Thursday, December 25, 2008

Picking out the new washer/dryer

After our trip to see Santa and Ms. Clause, we we're off to make the "final" pick on my Christmas/you're a GREAT wife/you've earned it/ I NEED MORE ROOM FOR ALL THE LAUNDRY AROUND HERE, AND IF I DON'T GET IT I'M GONNA.......... (he he)

Seriously; Mom's of the world unite! You DESERVE, and have probably earned these super capacity, do more laundry in less time, front loading set's. I LOVE IT! 

WARNING: Those cool looking pedestals they sit on, the one's that raise them up so you're not stooping down, they want $200.00 a piece for those things! Doug and I said no way; Doug can build me something, and that he did; did a GREAT job too (thank you honey!)

Doing  the laundry was never so much fun. These things look like space ships landed in the laundry room at night. COOL!

(Doug did all the work on these on Christmas eve; and the finishing piece that will run along the top where the the two edges meet; was too small so he has to get a larger piece, which means there will be another picture to show the FULL finished product)

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