Sunday, October 19, 2008

Girls night out

My Mother; brilliantly, got me tickets LAST year for my birthday to the musical "Into the Woods" This is my favorite, favorite musical and has been for longer than I can remember. It has been a pretty quick,  year-long wait for my first "live" experience.

 My first experience with "Woods" was hearing some music, and I fell in love instantly and knew I would love the play. I am a "musical" person, and I love life's lessons through song.

My Ma knows me very well. It was probably THE BEST birthday gift I've ever had. It was at Hale center theatre, and I was very curious how they we're going to pull it off with such a small setting, and in "the round" but it was SO GOOD. As good as the original with Bernadette Peters, the singing, the costumes and the story we're not altered. 

I am going to anxiously await "Wicked" which is coming next year.........


  1. Oh, man, I distinctly remember your dad showing the video of this play as a FHE to our family MANY years ago, probably a good 15years or so. I was pretty darn naive then. LOL. First time I saw something I wasn't so prepared to see. ;) I still remember Mar's laugh at mine and Erika's reaction.

  2. How is that great Mom of yours!!!??!!