Saturday, October 18, 2008

Antelope (stinky) Island

(Debbie. Notice the Mt. Dew?)

The last time I was at Antelope Island, it was approximately 1976? Maybe 1977; the "beach" was COVERED in beatles, you had to walk through probably a foot of them to get to the water, which NO ONE wanted to get into, except my Uncle Jon, who is one year older than me. He decided to get in, and then proceed to OPEN HIS EYES under water! I'm not sure what happened after that, but luckily; nothing like that happened this time. The little ones we're SO excited to be going to "the beach"; whatever. There is "sand" way before you get to the water, but not at the actual water, and it's not exactly swimming water, BUT, we skipped stones, with a little instruction from Daddy, and the kids walked in the water and played and had a good time.

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