Friday, October 17, 2008

Cold weather walk....

Ethan and I loaded up the stroller for a walk several times last week in the late evening, it was so good to get out and walk, Ethan enjoyed hanging his hand out and touching anything he could reach; trees, fences, and cable boxes. The highlight for him was passing Callies school and I let him get out and play on the playground, he was so cute to come down the slide, stop and ask "can I do it again"?

While I was walking, Ethan would yammer away about whatever he touched, or the Halloween lawn decorations and other subjects. Ethan is full of "stories" these day's and is quite entertaining just to listen to.

"Oh, if life we're only "moments", even now and then a bad one; but if life we're only "moments" then you'd never know you had one"

----Into the Woods

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