Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Boy did we make the most of the "somewhat" spring-like weather! It was a bit windy, and it was MUCH nicer when the sun came out, but we made the best of it.

We had found these kite's a few weeks ago and bought them, then HID them.... today it seemed like the right time to get them out.. Hopper was here, and he helped Callie put hers together and Daddy helped E.

I was pretty impressed with the kite's themselves, Doug and I reminissed about how often we would end up buying two and THREE kites while the boys were little, I remember one of the last times with Spencer, going back to the store TWICE in one afternoon from a kite that bit the dust either from the wind itself, or from hitting the ground, and we remember spending a lot of time trying to get the to actually FLY.....

These were nice kites though, stayed up in the air, and I think we only had two ground hits and once where Callie's got a bit stuck in a tree, but Spencer maneuvered it out!

We spent about an hour outside, camera in hand; of course. Today looks like it will be overcast and rainy, so we may have picked the perfect day so far!!!

It was really fun for me to just work the camera (pick up a kite once or twice) and hang out with Hopper... we laughed and had a good time together, I sure love Hopper... and Cody, Callie and Super E!

Spring is a com'n... and it can't come soon enough for us!

(PS. If you "click" on any of the picture "boxes" it will enlarge the sequence.. some are worth it!)

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