Saturday, April 9, 2011

New shower curtain!

It's been so long since we bought a shower curtain; we were a bit sticker shocked at how much they are now! The last time we purchased one, the boy's were little... it was $10 bucks.

We decided since the boy's are so very rarely around anymore, that we would change up the bathroom upstairs and make it the little one's. I thought it would be additionally cute to have them pick out the frogs that they thought were "them" and if they aren't cute enough, they picked two frog's together to represent them! Ethan picked Hopper and him, and Callie and Cody... I sure love my kids, and I love that they love each other, I guess in the bigger, way far away scheme of things, I hope they will see each other as gifts that, when we are no longer here, they will still be great friends, and very involved in each other's lives.

Pretty deep for a shower curtain post!... :)

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