Monday, January 4, 2010

Bye-bye 2009!

Let me tell you how NOT sad I am to see 2009 go away, or quite frankly, this DECADE.

It seems like this time each year, for at least the past three have gone like this:


and then, amazingly, that year was WORSE than the one before.

2009 will go down as MY WORST YEAR. by far. When I look back on 2009, it was mostly spent worried. sad. worried. mad. worried. exhausted.

Yep, that was my year. Worried.

I didn't do a very good job of putting my troubles at the feet of my Savior and moving forward in faith, in fact I blew it, decided I was the ONLY one who could solve my own problems, and in the end, I bore the consequence of the weight of all of it.

MY LOSS. stupidity. pride. stiff-necked.

EGO= (according to Wayne Dyer)
Edge God Out.

I am smart enough to recognize, that is what I did. by and large, and I know better, I do.

I gave a few of my very good friends, a gratitude journal, and I gave one to myself, I have put it on my end table on the side of my bed, and I will write something in there daily.

Gratitude. It is, I believe, the cure to a repeat of 2009, at least in regards to what I can actually control, which I realize is limited, but I can change how beat up my insides are, maybe being kinder to my insides, will lead to a kinder existence in general.

My year has already started better than last, as I am not in bed with a level 2 concussion!

THERE, it's already working! :)

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