Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lost tooth

Callie had a REALLY loose tooth two weeks ago, that Sunday she had complained a few times that it hurt, so when she came up to me in Primary again to say it hurt, I took her arount out of sight and said "let me see" and then I gently took it out! She was surprised, but releived, and it didn't bother her anymore, the tooth fairy left her $2.00 and she spent $1.00 of those paying Ethan to go tell her Daddy that she didn't feel good a few day's later!!!

Ethan: I did a good thing hu?
Dad: Yeah, you came and told me Sissy didn't feel good... and she paid you right?
Ethan: Yeah.



  1. That's right, she PAID him a dollar to go get Dad and tell him she was sick! :O