Friday, November 20, 2009

Picking out books

A few years ago I started keeping all the ad's that came in the mail after Halloween, the kids enjoyed going through it and "dreaming" out loud. If I need a distraction for them from boredom, or fighting, I can put the ad's in front of them and tell them to find the things they want on their Santa list. It works great, and is a lot of fun for them, I will stop at Toys r us and grab a couple of their "big book" at Christmas, since they only send 1 in the mail. If I give them an envelope and scissors; even better!

Ethan is now getting book order forms at school, and this has been an opportunity to let him circle some things he wants, then I go through and narrow down one or two (he's usually circled the ENTIRE book!) but it's sure fun to DREAM.

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  1. I'm a little inspired by this actually, because I normally go to extraordianry lengths to keep those kind of "big books" out of their greedy little hands. I guess I think if they can't dream of having it I won't have to hear about it. Nice to know there me another way and that it doesn't mean we buy all that stuff.