Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Last week's photography homework

That's right; NOTH-ING.

I DID NOTHING. I was SO freaked out over last week's lesson that I was too afraid to pick up the camera and do the work, figured I'd avoid failure, I was pretty close to avoiding the class this week too, figured "this isn't high school, NO ONE can MAKE me do it, and I can't FAIL the class and get in trouble with my MOMMY", then Doug asked his Mom to take Callie to dance class so he could escort me to class, Doug's Mom couldn't do it, but Cody was slotted for the job and off we went, the student and her personal BULLY :(

I am glad he had the forethought to do it, as it was by comparison, a much better class, and I left feeling "ok" about things, will probably do my homework this week too.

When we got out of class, Cody took his family to dinner, my reward for letting him borrow the van many times in the past week to go to school early, so I guess what I'm saying is I am glad that I have a family who loves me enough to invest in my education AND give me a much needed break from those dreaded words, "WHAT'S FOR DINNER"?

(Thank you Doug and Cody)


  1. Now what was wrong with the last photography class? The garden pictures are pretty. What was the assignment? I like it when you detail what you are supposed to be getting out of the picture so I can properly judge. Keep up the good work! You can't be a pro overnight. But, maybe after a while you can be good enough to be my wedding photographer should that day ever come. :o)

  2. I agree with Michele on both things.....your pictures look great and you better practice lots because before we all know it, you're going to need to do her wedding pictures!!!! :o)