Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The rule of simplicity
Much easier to identify WHAT I want YOU to look at
The rule of thirds...
something before and after the MAIN subject
(taking advantage of the natural tendency to look left to right)

Composition is on of the most important things in making your photographs look professional. Like I have mentioned before, I thought the point of a good picture was to have everything dead center and in focus, which is far from correct.

Simplicity is a very important rule. Your picture is stronger the simpler it is. If there is too much going on, it tends to be distracting and makes it hard to stay focused on the intended subject, that's where the question "what is my focus" comes in; what do you want people to actually focus on and does the picture "lead" you there naturally.

The assignment this week was to pick 3 composition rules and show a good and bad example of each, I was once again intimidated at the beginning of the assignment, but was happy to discover that I naturally started "seeing" opportunities as time went on, WHEW.........

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