Thursday, November 13, 2008

Power plotting....

Cody is learning about the stock market and his class was given 10,000 to "invest". He was checking on how he did and he and Doug sat down to plot the biggest market takeover in HISTORY! Cody is fascinated in the potential of the stock market and in investing in real estate as a way of steady income, he has really taken in all the information that Doug has to offer on the subject and wants to apply the principle early. Cody is one smart boy and I've no doubt he will be able to accomplish his dreams. 

I am his Mother; and completely BIASED. His counselor at school today told Doug Cody is doing very well, he's very, very smart and will be able to take more advanced classes next year where he can do more applied learning, getting his feet wet so to speak. I am so very interested to see what the next 17 years hold for my first born, I am honored to have a front row seat.

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