Saturday, August 2, 2008


Well, Ethan decided today was the DAY, "I'll get it MYSELF Mama" and off he went to get his own clothes. Yellow shirt, red shorts; and RED SOCKS? I tried and TRIED to get him to take 'em off, to no avail. Luckily for me, he and Callie ran through the sprinklers and got wet, then he wanted them off.  Good thing, as I just couldn't imagine running the afternoon's errands with him looking like Superman's RETARDED, 2nd cousin's kid :)


  1. holy red socks batman! have you seen my cape?

  2. Oh come on! The socks matched his shorts!
    My children have never insisted on choosing clothes out of everything they had. Or if they did, they were open to my saying that something didn't match so "you need to wear this." But I have gone to run errands with children who were wearing far too much jewelry, play make-up that still showed even after being wiped off and some funky hairdos that they did themselves!

  3. It's not so bad...just say it's his soccer uniform and call it good.