Tuesday, June 7, 2011

School lunch for Ethan

This kiddo was so excited to go to school and eat school lunch! He got a pin (that turned out to be his student #) but he had it memorized anyway.

Personally, I wish they would both let me pack lunches. I really find the choices to be limited, fatty, saturated in salt and really not that good tasting either. But, neither will let me. I may have to have a mandatory day when the school season starts....

To make it even more fun, Callie's class was serving that week, so we had Callie, Makenna and Max all "welcoming" him. He got his own "helper" to take him down the line, pick out milk, lunch and then grab silverware and veggies..... he loved it.

He's a big boy now. Even this year at the pool he can get in WITHOUT my getting in with him, so we are really heading down a new road this year.. I am very ready for a new road. I think I'm about to find a whole bunch of "new" in my life coming up soon......

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