Tuesday, June 7, 2011

.. A little boy counts down.

Ethan has 7 day's til his 6th anniversary of his open heart surgery... he wanted to make a chart AND demanded that we do 5 things that HE WANTS TO DO, it's HIS DAY!....

Little boy doesn't know we'll be in California, at DISNEYLAND that day.... he's gonna lose his little mind when he finds out!!!!!

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  1. i LOVED this posting. what an exciting surprise!

    and thank you for your comment tonight on my blog... i needed to hear something like that tonight. it gives me hope (something i have been lacking for about a year in the 'finding love again' department).

    you are a sweetheart! and i am grateful for your comments when you do comment. thank you!!! for brightening my night.

    p.s. regarding pillows for your two little ones... since i don't USUALLY do them to sell anymore, i usually wait for a few nieces and nephews to be born before i do them so that i can do several at once... when i have a few to do, i will try to remember to contact you and i would be more than happy to add two more to the list. :) :) :)