Sunday, March 20, 2011

The past MONTH!

Things got crazy and neglected in the past four-five weeks... funny how there weren't many pictures taken in the past month, but oh well.

The Mcdougal wedding was last night, so I've not had time to do a whole lot, but the other pictures are Valentines, the cookies I made with my Sister and Ethan with the dog he got for Valentines from his teacher, also, Callie found a new place to read, on the staris.. it was cute.

I took some interesting pictures of Doug, it's fun to play with the camera... speaking of which, mine crapped out, about two weeks ago, when the "fixes" from Canon produced no result, I had to purchase a new one, in part because I had a WEDDING... I was able to use the Canon loyalty progam, and get an upgrade to the T2i.. nicer camera, but eventually, I want one that is like the MONSTER TRUCK of cameras... I actually don't, but when I envisioned "upgrade" I really wanted to body to be bigger, but it's about the same.

The Wedding was great, the camera did great, and it's a big deal for me personally because it was the first time I walked into a wedding and wasnt' really a nervous WRECK inside.. I guess continuing to agree to take these kind's of pictures is "creating" a photographer, however, I still just feel like someone who takes pictures, not a photographer, but we'll see what happens!

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