Monday, March 14, 2011

Las Vegas Motorspeedway

This little boy was EXHAUSTED!

Who knew I was a NASCAR fan?

I HAD A BLAST. I want to go back... TOMORROW. Doug is now SO EXCITED we have ONE COMMON INTEREST!!!

Seriously, we were so close to the cars.... the track, the fence and us! I got gravel on my face just about everytime they went by... 41 cars going 187mps!! it is a RUSH... literally! and I recommend it.

It was warm, it was hot dogs and diet coke and a hat on, that was blown off my head and into the stands, which the nice people behind me found a way to get back to me!

Who knew? I am hoping we'll go to another before the year is over, until then, if there is a NASCAR race on, we're probably having  food and making a day of it! ;)

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  1. I really like your collages. Did you do those in Photoshop?