Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lake Powell

My Sister and her husband go to Lake Powell every September, they have a houseboat there, and we have always wanted to go! It happened to work out this year that we could, so the little one's and I went down on a Tuesday and returned on Friday, it wasn't enough time; AT ALL, but it was warm (cold in SL) and sunny (overcast in SL) and we were able to go out on the boat and the kids did the tube and some of the others wakeboarded and had fun with waverunners...

Ethan was less enthusiastic than his sister, but he got a little braver; EVERYDAY... just before we went home he was in the water, just swimming, which he hadn't done up to that point. Callie tried everything, I think she's going to be my little "thrill seeker".... she was up for it all!! she went down the slide off the back of the houseboat and swam, did the tube and the waverunner, she couldn't get enough!

The nicest part was my Brother in law's family, they could not have been any more hospitible, they were beyond engaged with my children, they all just doted over them, make us all feel right at home, which I appreciate so much.

Next year, if we are invited, we will try to stay the whole week!!


  1. Oh my gosh Cat...such awesome photos. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. What a great trip! Your pictures make me want to go there, I haven't been for too many years!