Thursday, September 30, 2010

Falling behind a bit..

Even when I tell myself I WILL NOT get behind again, somehow it happens. So, I have put together a little collage of what's been going on around here the last two weeks or so.....

My nephew had a birthday, and I got the pic of my sister with her little grand-son, the little feet of her newest grand-daughter...

Ethan got a halloween costume, a little Dalmatian, he wanted to be Snoopy, but I wasn't sure if we'd ever find that, when he saw this and was happy; SOLD!

Callie wanted to help cook last week, so I put her in charge of the hash browns...... she did great.

The kids wanted to buy painted pumpkins for $4.95, but I let them pick pumpkins and paint and they did it themselves!

I took the little one's horseback riding for the first time... Callie LOVED it, Ethan; not so much!...AND......

I turned 41!

I could have added Lake Powell, which was a September hilight, but I posted about that already...

Like it or not, OCTOBER IS HERE!

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  1. Great recap with the cute collage. I finally took the plunge on Picnik and paid for a 1 month membership so now I'm creating "premium" collages too!

    It was definitely a highlight celebrating your 41st birthday! Glad we could all get together to celebrate YOU!