Sunday, August 8, 2010


Irritation #1 is that blogger went to a "new and improved" format...


I can barely figure out how to do the things I've done all along, it's a pain

So, the pictures, which normally I would upload from last to first is  NOT how this works, so instead of there being a sequence, there is not, and I cannot fiugre out how to move the picutres around, since the rule that Duchy showed me, doesn't work now either! With that said.....

We decided to put Doug's office downstairs and put the kids in their own rooms now... it was time. So, Ethan went to a Transformer's theme, and Callie went to this pink multi-color pattern that is totally girl, and adorable! Ethan has the "bunk" bed now, and has a little play space of his own now where he used to sleep, Callie has Spencer's old bed, and she LOVES it!, hence the set of rules that if you want to go in her room; BEST KNOCK.. she is 100% serious about that, at least where Ethan is concerned!

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