Thursday, June 24, 2010

when it's June 24th...

That means it's Dolly's birthday.

The day started with notes around the house..

..and balloons, of course. That's a tradition with our kids.

The GORGEOUS (if I do say so myself) little heart shaped cakes!

We started with dancing, the girls REALLY enjoyed Dance Party on the wii

The funky glasses I had them put on, some for fun, others for anominity!

The whole gang with their funky glasses!

The pizza line!

and then outside to eat and talk, talk, talk!!

Even the boy's had a GREAT time, surrounded by GIRLS!

The presents, all looking too pretty to disturb!!

The Doll and her MINIONS!

... pulling thier funniest faces!

Dolly opening a few of her presents... she had a good time entertaining...

Her brother Hopper, got her an ipod, she's been asking him to get her one for months.. he delivered!

.. More opening presents and reading cards...

... and lastly, Ethan was SO excited to give her our gift...

All the kids gathered around to start opening boxes and packages!!

Finally, it was time to eat those perfect little cakes that took me ALL DAY to do, and took them 2 minutes to eat; ah well, that's why I have a camera!!

... PACKAGING GALORE.. ALL OVER THE FLOOR!! (I just made that up!)

..The remnants of a very fun party

By 9pm, they were both POOPED... I spread out blankets on the floor...

And they ended the BIRTH-day watching Toy Story 2!

Cody also gave her a great gift, and I will add that later, unfortunately, Cody was already at work by the time she got home from school, so we drove her there so her could give them to her himself, she got quite a bit of fun things, and I believe she had a GREAT DAY.

She's such a pretty little doll, and I had a great deal of fun just watching...

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  1. Happy 8TH birthday Callie! What a great year. The party looks like it was a hit. I'd say you took some time on those heart cakes. They looked great.