Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My firstborn graduates.

Class of 2010

TAH-DAH!... and just like that, he's arrived.

Beginning his walk to the beginning of the REST OF HIS LIFE

He's a stud!

Congratulations banner

Cody is the second boy in on the left

On deck for his name to be called, it's a THRILL to hear your boy's name!

Shaking hands

Getting ready to receive his diploma

Walking back to his aisle

Getting back to his seat after his diploma

The 2010 graduating class

Cody's middle initial is "J", after this woman, Gwendolyn JEAN AKA "GRAMMIE"
She was there when he entered the world!

Holding the reward of 12 years!

Graduation was held at the e-center

Ethan making it clear that things are NOT going well for him!

money is ALWAYS a good end!

Afterwards we walked across the street for lunch at Chilli's, Cody did say he was glad he did the "walk the stage thing" which took some prodding and pleading to get him to agree to do! Such a boy, he didn't care, but Mama did, and in the end, he listened and I do believe he had a good time.

He is one handsome kid, probably the MOST HANDSOME in the bunch, and I am very proud of him, he's been a good student, in both grades and personality, one of his teachers that I spoke to on the phone just last week, said he's been "delightful" he's made us all pretty proud.

Pretty quickly after the ceremony started, these words to a song popped into my head, and I think they apply perfectly.....

Once upon a lifetime
You know that you've been blessed
When you hold your first born
Tenderly against your chest
The innocent you see
The value of a family
And you feel a special bond
That only comes a long
Once upon a lifetime

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