Saturday, May 29, 2010

Red Butte Gardens (practicing part two!)


Aperture, with a bee for fun! (mike spotted the bee)

There was a reception getting ready to start, I had to snap one from the door as my Brother thought it would not be welcome to start wandering through without an invite!


There were so many pretty flowers and plants, you literally could take a thousand pictures!

This as in the Childrens Garden, a broze Ethan!

Lizards on the lawn...


... And again...

This looked like a cross between a caterpillar and Snoopy

I think the kids would have loved this little guy.

It looked like it was being set up for a wedding

I just HAD to include this Peony bush, which just happens to be named after my VERY favorite piece of classical music EVER!

There were fruit trees being fixed to this to grow up and over, it was cool to see this theme throughout the garden's.

I big thanks to Mike, who knows A LOT about this, and was kind enough to haul me up there and TRY to "help" me! He will be in attendance at this little shin-dig I'm doing in July, he'll have to hold my hand, and I'm glad he agree'd to that without hesitation!

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