Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My little man

Mr. Cap and gown!

All smiles to start the show

"Can you hear me?".... YES!

Miss Heather on the left, Miss Jackson on the right.

Miss Heather asking Ethan what he wanted to be when he grew up... A Fireman, of course!

Ethan wearing the lay Solo's Mom made for him

Ethan and Solo!

Ethan and his good buddy Gavin, who also got a candy lay!

Posing at the graduation tree! there was a little bridge they crossed over here..

When we walked out of school, Ethan said "this is a "SPECIAL DAY"... and we took him wherever he wanted to go for lunch, which was In/Out burger with our good friends the Davis's!!!

My ONLY problem with today's graduation was that we were a bit "mis-informed" about what day it was! I thought; along with Gavin's Mom that it was tomorrow, so when she called this morning to ask if I knew, I told her it was tomorrow, to which she said "I have a piece of paper with it on here for TODAY".....

THEY WERE LATE! We threw Ethan's clothes on, wet his hair, scrubbed his teeth and Gavin picked him up... We joined them at 10 for the program but were sad that it basically meant Doug and I were the only family he would have there, as it was just too late to start calling around, so our last child had just Mommy and Daddy in attendance, he didn't seem to mind!

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