Monday, July 13, 2009

For Michael Paul.

My brother Mike. Mikey-pooh as I called him. My closest sibling in age and the one I really don't recall fighting with as kids. Seems like we we're usually very compatible, and comfortable with each other. My relationship with with all my siblings is good, I consider them all my best friends, I am grateful to my Mother for giving me my 5 very best friends in this life.

Why I love Mike.

He was my first friend as a child, it was me and mikey-pooh.

He has been there for me; through good and bad. I know I can count on him; unconditionally.

He has been an outstanding employee. He works at the same business he started at almost 18 years ago, and he puts his heart into not only the business, but his business partner. he is loyal.

He married a really good girl, whom I was easily able to love, and the two children she has with him.

He is dependable. He will stop what he is doing for our Mother; he cherishes our Mother. I love that.

He and his family took my Callie and Ethan while we we're gone two weeks ago for the weekend, and I KNEW things would be fine, and they we're. Not just fine, but GREAT; as I knew it would be.

What can I say? He is one terrific guy.


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