Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson

This poster hung on my wall in 1983.

Like MILLIONS of other teenage girls in the 80's, I had this, among other's, hanging on my bedroom wall.

Like MILLIONS of other human's, I watched Mtv debut "Thriller" and the hysteria that followed that video; if we got wind that video was coming on, we all sat around the little, and I mean LITTLE, tv in the front room to watch it, WOW, who could predict how awesome that whole album would become, and how that video would change Mtv and music videos forever.

I remember (still) buying the CASSETTE TAPE of Thriller, and playing it over and over.

I was also shocked and saddened by the unexpected, sudden death of this MONUMENTAL figure from my youth and like millions of other people, I relived some of that time in my life on Friday when I downloaded Michael Jackson music onto my ipod and have had such a good time hearing these wonderful songs again. Music can certainly transport us to another place and time; in my case, 1982!

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