Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ethan's new bike

This little boy went into the store to get some $1.00 cheap, plastic sandbox toys and when he found this bike, he really wanted it.

THEN, he decided he's rather have a stupid $1.00 toy (which we couldn't even find) and that he DID NOT want a bike......


So, now I'm taking Ethan OUT of the store, CRYING "I DON'T WANT A BIKE".........

On the way out we passed a Grandma and her grandson, he watched Ethan go by and said to his Grandma "Why doesn't he want a bike"???


By the time we got home, crying all the way, Doug had told him the bike was for Daddy now, not for him anyway. When Doug pulled it out of the van and put it on the ground, Ethan said "I want to ride my bike"..............

All's well that end's well.

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