Monday, May 26, 2008

New addition to our family!

Our little family "adopted" a dog today, and she is SO cute. She is a little Teacup Poodle, and talk about adorable! Her name is Latte, she is ten weeks old and she came to us from a very dear friend of my Mother's who wanted to place her with someone who she knew and could still watch her "grow up".

All the kids we're so excited to get her. I had told Ethan that I had a surprise for him at Grammies house, and she brought her with a pink bow tied around her neck, the kids had done nothing but love on her all day, Callie has had a huge grin all day, and Ethan had tried very hard to pick her up and carry her just like he was showed!!

For Memorial Day, it rained and was long pants and sweaters, but we had a cute baby girl to cheer us up!!

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