Thursday, May 29, 2008

Getting a lot done today.

We spent the day breaking in the doggie outside, the kids played while I cleaned up the flower bed's in front of the house, the puppy had a good time playing in the flowers and chasing the kids around, and I got the front looking very pretty, I always wonder why I put it off so long when I love the results so much!

It was a lovely spring day, except the wind. We also went and got Latte a carrying case to sleep/ride in and some bath products, she had a bath today and did very well, I even clipped her toenails which I've never done for a dog before; but I can tell you it is just as nerve racking as clipping the brand new babies nails! I did get one of her nails a bit, it was sad, but she has forgiven me. Oh, her owner told us that she would pick a "master" and it would be VERY obvious who that is....................................I'M THE WINNER!!!!!


  1. Of course, you're the master. You rule the roost Mother Hen.

    Great job on your blog. The layout is happy and the pictures up right now are way cute!

  2. GOOD JOB! The pictures are a great touch. Oh, your front garden looks good too.