Saturday, March 27, 2010


Doug and I were watching an episode of "Private Practice" today, the subject was a young woman who was carrying triplets as a surrogate, something the husband had not been too keen on, at some point she started having complications; in the end, the woman had some risky surgery that caused her to be brain dead. The dilemma was the babies, they would need 7-8 more weeks on the "inside" to have a chance at survival I made the comment "that would be tough", the husband in the story wants to let his wife go and bury her and a fight with the surrogate family ensues.

Doug looks over at me and says "If that were you, and you are basically dead, I would say let's keep you on the machines for the 7-8 weeks because I KNOW that you would want those babies to have a chance"

We'll have been married 14yrs in 2.5 weeks, he probably gave me the BEST gift I could get for our years together, he KNOWS me; very well.

That's a gift.

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