Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy birthday Ma!

Today was my Ma's Birthday! There are actually THREE birthday's in February, my sister in law Jamie, my sister Brandi and my Mom; so we met up at Gardner Village for dinner.

Ma had all her children there, all SIX of us we're there to celebrate, it has not been like that in a long time, and it was awesome to have everyone together.

She got some cute and funny cards and some cute gifts and we had all pitched in, with a friend of hers from work, and gave her a big wad of cash, to go towards the new washer she needs to replace, we thought it would be more meaningful than a bunch of "stuff". She was so surprised!!

My Mom is the BEST. Wise as she is beautiful. Honored and adored. Loved and cherished, and WORSHIPED by all SIX of us; as it should be. She's worked hard and long for her reward. No one deserves a happy birthday more than my Mother.

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  1. Brandy looks a lot like MY mother to me. How did that happen?